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No news is good news for 2023, our waiting list is still closed until we work our way through it, we continue to add more stock to our reception area and have recently invested to insulate the pool hall and pool itself to tackle rising energy costs. We have some great new teaching assistants that are working with us whilst they are studying. 

Current Staff: 

Hannah - Lead teacher/Director

Matt - Pool Plant/Director

Jane - Reception

Pat - Reception

Keith - Lead teacher/coach

Sharon - Baby teacher/Lead teacher

Ashley - Lead Teacher

Jenny - Lead Teacher

Julie - Lead Teacher

Karen - Lead teacher/assistant

Nell - Lead teacher/assistant

Anise Lead teacher/assistant

Eleanor - Teacher/assistant

Nieve - Teacher assistant

Nerea - Teacher assistant

Sam - Assistant

On the 22nd July 2018 the team at Hannah Jones Swim Academy completed a 2 hour treading water challenge to raise money for the Donna Louise Children's Charity. We raised around £600 and on the day some of the children and parents came to Moorville Hall Hotel and played 'Splat the Teacher' where they threw sponge balls at the teachers and shot them with water cannons!

All support was greatly appreciated!

Open Water Swim July 2016 

Our annual trip to Boundary open water park to practise swimming safely in nature. Children and adults did themselves proud supporting each other and testing their resilience.

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